The Company was placed into Liquidation on 27 July 2018 and Nicholas Cusack of Parker Andrews Limited, 5th Floor, The Union Building, 51-59 Rose Lane, Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 1BY was appointed Liquidator of the Company.

If you are a creditor or debtor of the Company, or have any queries, please contact Jack Walker of Parker Andrews Limited on 01603 284284, or by email at

4 Replies to “Liquidation”

  1. Funny how Mrs Shutlar who apparently has no money and no knowledge of her husbands issues – even though he resigned as a director from hairways a matter of days before collapsing his own company – manages to get the capital together to open a second hair salon in Martlesham THIS WEEK.

  2. Sam Shutlar is a CROOK and deserves to go to prison for knowingly ripping people off for his own gain. Shameful character with despicable morals.

  3. Samuel Shutlar is a Crook, taken peoples money right up to the end when he knew he was going bust. Driving round in flash cars and buying expensive holidays and watches with good peoples money. Joker! Gets what he deserves.

  4. So the director of Samuel David sells the assets of the company to an employee days before going into liquidation, amazingly that employee is now the director of a new building company that are quoting to finish the work people had already paid for through Samuel David Construction. I’d avoid buildility….

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